Town of
Oneida County, NY

February 03, 2009: Regular Meeting of the Town Board


Town Supervisor John F. Buczek called a regular meeting of the Town of Floyd Board to order at 7:00 P.M. 

Town Officials present were:  Town Supervisor John F. Buczek, Councilmen William E. Smith, Willard H. Streiff, Jr., Clifford Kotary and Charles E. Planow, Town Clerk Georgianna Larry, Highway Superintendent Jerome Alexander Jr., Sanitation Supervisor Lawrence Gruby, Legal Counsel David Rapke, Historian Edwin Evans, Code Enforcement Officer Wade Evans, Constable Lloyd Miller, NOCCOG Circuit Rider Gerry Ritter, and County Legislator Patricia Hudak.


Town Residents present were:  Donald Kotary, Peter Larry, and Lon Gorsky.


Boy Scouts Robert Robbins and Shane Mierek led us in the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.  Scout Master Chris Hansen complimented the Highway Department on how well the roads have been kept this winter.  Also on February 21st the Boy Scouts will have a derby at Camp Kinsley. 

Mr. Buczek announced that all Town Board Meetings are voice recorded.  Next, Supervisor John F. Buczek referred to the Organizational part of tonight's meeting that was adopted.


Supervisor John F. Buczek asked if there were any corrections to the January 6th, 2009 and Organizational Minutes.  There were none.  Councilman Charles E. Planow made a motion to accept January 6th, 2009 Board Minutes and Organizational Minutes as presented by the Town Clerk, seconded by Councilman Clifford Kotary, and carried. 


Town Clerk announced that we do not read these bills because they are all posted on the bulletin board.  Councilman Clifford Kotary made a motion to pay the General Warrant Bills from Claim No. G09026 to G09070 in the amount of $15,964.39, seconded by Councilman Charles E. Planow, approved.

Councilman William E. Smith made a motion to pay the Refuse & Garbage District Bills from Claim No. R09009 to R09015 in the amount of $12,654.07, seconded by Councilman Charles E. Planow, approved.


Councilman Clifford Kotary made a motion to pay the Highway Bills from Claim No. H09011 to H09033 in the amount of $59,556.43, seconded by Councilman Charles E. Planow, approved.


Councilman William E. Smith made a motion to pay the Water Improvement Bills from Claim No. W09012to W09021 in the amount of $1,719.42, seconded by Councilman Willard H. Streiff Jr., approved.

1)      Oneida County Legislators:

a)      Patricia Hudak has email Dennis Davis at County DPW regarding the ditch / culvert situation on Camroden East Floyd Roads.  Also discussion followed on the copy of a resolution the City Clerk of Utica sent us concerning Oneida County continue sharing OTB revenues.  County Legislator Patricia Hudak explain that if County continues this sharing OTB revenues it would make a more increase in County Property Taxes that residents cannot afford.  The Town of Floyd Board Members all agreed with County Legislator Hudak not to do anything with this resolution.

2)      Comments were given from Northern Oneida County Council of Governments Municipal Advisor Susan Martin. Gerry Ritter is here in Susan's place.

a)      Gerry, please convey an immense gratification and appreciation to David Zembiec, John K. Bartow, Jr. and Gerry Ritter for their dedication, hard work an effort in preparing our Application for the Local Government Efficiency Program involving the Towns of Western and Floyd. Also attached is a report on upcoming Municipal Programs.

3)      Report from Code Enforcement Officer Chuck Streiff.

i)        Attached is a Report of activities.

4)      Reports from Building and Fire Codes Enforcement Officers Mikel Buczkowski and Wade Evans.

i)        Attached is a Building and Fire Code Report of activities.  Also Wade Evans reported he is keeping a watch over the septic system on the property on Camroden Road where the oil spill was a year ago or so.

5)      Historian Edwin Evans reported he was missing some names on the Honor Roll and they have been updated. 

6)      Comments from the Public.   Lon Gorsky approached the Town Board about putting a permanent Double Wide Mobile Home on Wynn Road where his residence has burnt.  Discussion followed.  Supervisor Buczek told him to approach the Planning Board that meets on February 10th at 7:00 PM and also to talk to Zoning Code Enforcement Officer Charles Streiff tomorrow.  The Town Board will recommend to the Planning Board that they have no objection on adding this road for Double Wide Mobile Homes.  We will wait for this recommendation to come back from the Planning Board to the Town Board before our Town Attorney is advised to change this in the Zoning Ordinance.


7)      ACTION ITEMS: 


a.     When necessary and as weather permits.

i)        Councilman Charles E. Planow made a motion to authorize the Highway Superintendent to post certain town roads, (from last year's list) at the appropriate time and as the weather dictates. The roads will be closed to any vehicle with a gross weight in excess of (6) tons and for our Town Clerk to place the road posting in the Legal Notice of the Rome Sentinel, seconded by Councilman William E. Smith, and carried.

8)   Town of Floyd Specifications for Water Meter Reading Radio Transmitter.

a)      Discussion followed with Water Superintendent William Nemyier and Town Board.  They decided that they should be all Sensus Equipment the same as was installed in Water Improvement Area E.  He would like the Bid Package awarded on February 17th at a Special Board Meeting so they can be ordered shortly, installed, and be ready for using for July Water Bill Reading.

i)      Councilman William E. Smith made a motion to authorize Town Attorney David Rapke and Town Clerk Georgianna Larry to advertise in the Legal Notice of the Rome Sentinel for the requests of bids for the purchase of Sensus Water Meter Reading Transmitters, and the Town Clerk will receive the Sealed Bids no later than 11:00 AM on February 17, 2009 at which time they will be opened and read aloud at the 6:30 PM Special Board meeting. Seconded by Councilman Clifford Kotary, and carried.

9)   Federal Stimulus Package and General Revenue Sharing to Local Governments.

a)   Councilman Willard H. Streiff Jr. made a motion to approve the draft letter and mail to our Congressional Delegation representing our Congressional District of our concern and support, seconded by Councilman William E. Smith, and carried.

10)         Motion for the Members of the Town Board to enter into an Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel.



a)      Report from the Town Attorney and Members of the Town Board.

i)        Town Attorney David Rapke told us that pertaining to the transfer of the Chlorination Building from the City of Rome to the Town of Floyd would be brought up to the Rome City Common Council Meeting on February 25th. 

ii)      Mr. Rapke gave us an update regarding the Messenger property.

(1)   He told us they might be a closing sale on this property on Friday.  Also hold Ramsey Excavating Certified Check on this clean up of Messenger Property until closing is complete, then we can release the check. 

iii)    Update on GIS by Councilman William Smith.

(1)   He told us a Grant was sent out for $12,376.00 for purchasing equipment and training for GIS.

iv)    Councilman Willard Streiff Jr. told us he has no update on the Oneida County Hazard Mitigation Plan but believes next year they will be reviewing this plan again. 

v)      Water Improvement Area D.

(1)   All pertinent letters that Supervisor John F. Buczek had prepared to each were mailed to the following and he had conversations with the Staff Members of the following.  Mr. Buczek hope each of you had the opportunity to read and review my letters.

(a)    Supervisor Buczek sent letters to US Senator Charles Schumer

Congressman Michael Arcuri, and Governor David Paterson.

vi)    Mr. Buczek has written letters to State Senator Joseph A. Griffo and Assemblywoman RoAnn M. Destito appealing to them for Member Item and / or Multi Modal Aid to help us financially.

(1)   Received a response from Assemblywoman RoAnn M. Destito conveying her request to Governor Paterson. Thank You RoAnn.

vii)  Our Town Engineer had completed a packet with substantiated evidence, and it was mailed with each of my letters to each of the above Officials.

(1)   Supervisor Buczek prepared a cover letter and a copy of each of these letters was mailed to all residents of the proposed Water Improvement Area D.

(a)   Delores Smith, Georgianna Larry, Arlene Lewis and Larry Gruby are to be commended for their work and effort in getting these letters mailed out. We thank you enormously.

viii)            Delores Smith, Bill Nemyier, Jerome Alexander and Larry Gruby prepared an Inventory List. This was quite a chore and this list will be coordinated with our Insurance Carrier, and primarily to enter into our General Fixed Assets of the Town of Floyd. This will help me to upgrade my Detailed Annual Report that Supervisor Buczek is required to file with New York State Department of Audit and Control. Once again, we thank each of you immeasurably.

ix)    Comments on a Postal Meter and Lens Program from Delores Smith.

(a)   Report on the savings of purchasing an IM330 Hasler Postal Meter is attached.  Councilman Charles Planow made a motion to authorize Supervisor John F. Buczek to sign the above Postal Meter Agreement, seconded by Councilman Willard H. Streiff Jr., and carried.

(b)   Discussion followed on the Lens Program.  Town Attorney is going to review this program and report on it at the next Board Meeting.

x)      A Letter from the State of New York Department of Health concerning our DWSRF score of 115 as it relates Water Improvement Area E.

(1)   Further discussion followed.

xi)    On February 11th at 7:00 PM, we will have an Insurance Presentation from Bill Cole of Gates Cole Ins. Matt Briggs will not be presenting a quote on February 11th.

b)      Report from Highway Superintendent Jerome Alexander, Jr.

c)      Report from Sanitation Supervisor Larry Gruby.

i)                   Larry Gruby and Arlene Lewis are to be commended with their work and effort in preparing the Grant Application and the follow up to substantiate our application.

(1)   Larry Gruby had received notification from Robert Senior, that our Grant Application in the amount of $106,574.00 was approved. Larry and Arlene had worked extremely hard on the initial application and the follow-ups. We are extremely proud of their dedicated service and We Thank Each of You Greatly. 

d)      Review of the Water History Report.

e)      Received notification from the Town of Floyd Planning Board, that they have endorsed the proposed amendment to the Town of Floyd Zoning Ordinance of Double Wide Homes on Rickmyer Road.

f)       Fire Chief Dan Schwertfeger advised Councilman Willard H. Streiff Jr. tonight before the Board Meeting on the cost of updating radio frequencies in the Fire Trucks in town.  The Town Highway and Sanitation use the same frequency in their radios.  Mr. Schwertfeger presented Mr. Streiff tonight with a quote from JPJ Electronic Communications, Inc. of a total price of $11,878.60.  Discussion followed.  The Town Board Members all agreed to pay 50% of the total cost of updating these frequencies in town trucks seeing the town uses the same radio frequency.


12)         At 9:00 PM Councilman William E. Smith made a motion for the Members of the Town Board to enter into an Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel, seconded by Councilman Willard H. Streiff Jr, and carried.


At 9:30 PM Councilman Clifford Kotary made a motion to return to Town Board Meeting, seconded by Councilman Willard H. Streiff Jr., and carried.  No action was required from the Executive Session.


9:40 PM Councilman Charles E. Planow made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Councilman Willard H. Streiff Jr., and carried.




                        __________________________, Georgianna Larry, Town Clerk