Town of
Oneida County, NY

Highway Department

Jerome Alexander Jr.

7430 Camroden Road
Rome, N.Y. 13440
(315) 865-4208
Cell Phone (315) 335-7161
315 865 4126
The Town of FLOYD employs 8 fulltime employees & 1 part time employee. Floyd has 69.47 miles of roads within the town, which consist of 32 Miles of Town roads, 27.47 Miles of County roads, & 10 Miles of State roads. During the winter months there is 24-hour coverage 7 days a week for the clearing of the Town & County roads (depending on snow conditions) by the town highway dept. State roads with-in the town are maintained by the state. The highway dept. on a yearly average applies a mixture of 7,000 yards of sand & 900 tons of salt to control the clearing and safety of the roads. The summer season schedule is driven by Maintenance & Repair, of Town Roads, Parks, Garage, Equipment, Brush Removal, Town areas mowed, & Resurfacing of 1.5 Miles average of town roads annually. The highway Dept. is involved with shared services with other towns, villages, schools & cities. In helping with catastrophes from storm damages in other areas, the town has responded to their needs by sending equipment to the towns and villages of New Hartford, Westmoreland, Whitesoro and also St. Lawerence Co. N.Y.