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Oneida County, NY
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Floyd Cemetery Assn.

8361 Edwards Road
Rome, NY 13440


V. Pres:    Cardinal, Rick

Secy.:      Cardinal, Kathy

Treas.:     Heburn, Diane


Ann Kotary 

Cardinal, Richard

Hertel, Russell

Gorsky, Sharon

Koenig, David

Koenig, Marcile

Kotary, Robert

Kotary, Clare

Makarachuk, Arda

         Have you been reading in the Town Talk of a renewed interest to restore the Old Section of Floyd Cemetery? Do you realize that there are descendants of the Mayflower buried there? There are also patriots of the Revolution, and soldiers that served in every war since. There are the settlers that carved this community from the forest, along with their descendants. There are the people that built upon those beginnings to the Floyd we know today.

         Cemeteries are the heart of a community. As Prime Minister William Gladstone of England once said that he could judge a community by how it took care of its cemeteries: "Show me the manner in which a nation or community cares for it's dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender sympathies of it's people, their respect for the laws of the land and their loyalty to high ideals."

         Maybe you noticed a new commitment in the past year to improve the cemetery. Volunteers with knowledge of the industry have joined with a committed Cemetery Board to restore our heritage. It is an endeavor that reflects pride in our history and the community.

         Last year we set goals and made many improvements on limited funds with noticeable results. But now we need your help to keep the ball rolling. Will you help by either sending a donation to the cemetery association or volunteering in our restoration effort, or both.

         If interested please contact any of the above listed Cemetery Association Members evenings: We hope to continue to improve the cemetery through fundraising and other methods this summer. Please call us now.